Really Opel, You're Going To Disappoint Everyone

2016 Geneva Motor Show / Comments

Come on, take a chance why don't you.

Only last week did Opel reveal its all-new GT Concept, which will make its live debut next month in Geneva. The immediate reaction was quite positive overall, giving hope that Opel will soon bring back a nameplate attached to a worthy sports car. Or so we thought. According to a new report coming from Automotive News Europe, Opel has no plans to put the GT Concept into production. In fact, GM's Europe-based brand has already denied reports coming from German outlets claiming a revival of the GT, originally built from 1963 to 1978, would soon happen.

Instead, and like usual, the GT Concept is nothing more than a design study. "We will wait and see what the reaction is," claims an Opel spokesman, "but this is a niche segment that is shrinking in size. We would have to look at that very closely, but even if we were to decide in favor of building the car, it is certainly nothing that could already be on the market next year or the year after that." Could Opel's stance change after Geneva? Possibly, but based on Opel's early and immediate production denial, we wouldn't hold our breath.

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