Really? This Is The Most Popular Color Ford Customers Want?

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Blame Trump and Brexit.

For many years, silver has been the most popular color for the majority of US car buyers, while white has been the most popular color in Europe. But according to Ford of Europe there's now a new color that's become the most popular choice. What is it? Grey. Specifically, "Granny hair" grey. In case you haven't noticed (we haven't because we don't pay attention to fashion trends), grey has been taking the fashion world by storm, with celebrities like Rhianna and Cara Delevingne dyeing their hair grey, for whatever reason.

And that grey shade popularity has transferred over to cars. Ford claims grey knocked white out of its number spot last year, and now the automaker is offering eight different shades of grey in Europe. In fact, it's offered more than 50 shades of grey (not the movie) around the world since the early 1990s. But really? Why grey? According to color psychology expert (suddenly this is a profession) Karen Haller, grey is "not only a desire to stand out from the crowd that's driving the trend – recent political upheaval across the globe is also turning us onto grey. When there is a level of insecurity and uncertainty – as we have seen following the US elections and Brexit.

"We tend to retreat and gravitate towards things that make us safe, which is why grey is so popular." On a more positive note, grey is also "thoughtful and contemplative...the color of intellect," so says the vice president of the Pantone Color Institute. So there you have it. Grey is suddenly the new white...and perhaps silver.


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