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Rearview Camera Recall Will Displease Bentley Mulsanne Owners

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How bothersome.

Though it doesn't happen often, exotic car manufacturers aren't exempt from recalls. As they work in extremely low production numbers, recalls are often hilariously small - like when Rolls-Royce recalled a single Ghost for a faulty airbag.

A few years ago, Bentley was forced to recall 88 examples of its Bentayga SUV for loose joints in the instrument panel and seats, and now it is the Mulsanne's turn for a recall. Just ten 2018 Mulsanne models are affected by a rearview camera glitch and owners are now being notified.

The issue occurs when the driver selects reverse gear. The backup camera is supposed to initiate in less than two seconds, but the display may be obstructed and not fully visible. Like other Bentley models, the Mulsanne features a wood cover that is motorized to reveal the infotainment display. Bentley hasn't specified if this cover has anything to do with the issue, but the fix is a simple software update via an SD card that should eliminate the issue.

It may not be a major problem, but we'd want all the help we could get when reversing in a $300,000 car, especially one as large as the Mulsanne.

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Maserati also had an issue with its rearview cameras, although it was caused by failing camera modules in cold weather. We have also experienced a similar issue in modern Volvo models, which can take a minute for the infotainment system to warm up fully when the car is started. Having the rearview camera system turn on almost simultaneously when the car is put into reverse should be an easy accomplishment on a $30,000 car, let alone a $300,000 one. Still, it seems like some automakers haven't mastered it.