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Reason #1 to Get Rich: Hennessey Venom GT Vs Pagani Huayra

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Screw the houses. Screw the jewelry and clothes. You need a 200 mph hypercar.

On the one hand, the Hennessey Venom GT and Pagani Huayra are very different animals. One is powered by a turbocharged 7.0-liter V8; the other a twin-turbo V12. The Venom GT is created in Texas while the Huayra comes from Italy. However, both are hand-built with a sincere passion for outright speed and awesomeness. Sure, the Venom GT is the current top speed world record holder for a production car. But the Huayra is anything but slow, itself capable of exceeding 200 mph.

But the differences between these two can perhaps be seen most clearly in the interiors. The Venom GT is pretty straightforward and simple. The driver has what they need and that's about it. But the Huayra's interior is just beyond anything else. It's a piece of fine jewelry. We know, life's tough when you're rich.

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