Reborn BMW Z1 and Z3 Roadster Rumors Have Come Alive... Again

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We still don't see at least one of these happening. Why? Because Mini.

Every few months this rumor comes up again, and each time it's quickly shot down by BMW. The latest rumor is coming from a Spanish language motoring site and WorldCarFans, both reporting that BMW, alongside a Z4 replacement, is developing a new entry-level sports car, tentatively called the Z1 roadster. In addition, a new Z3 is also up for consideration as a potential Porsche Boxster competitor. The Z5, which could end up being the name of the BMW-Toyota joint sports car project, will feature a carbon fiber chassis and a long hood.

Furthermore, it'll have 2+2 seating and, in convertible form, a retractable soft top. Sounds like to us it'd also be a fine Supra, but that's another story entirely. Back to the Z1: it's likely pure talk. The report claims it'd be built on BMW's new front-wheel-drive platform and be powered by three- and four-cylinder engines. Yeah, that's called the current Mini Cooper. BMW won't want to compete with itself here. A new Z3, however, has a bit more potential. The rumor is claiming a new Z3 could share the platform as the next-gen Toyota GT86. We actually do like the sound of that.

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