Reborn Lancia Stratos Officially Not Happening


This is officially the saddest news of the day.

According to a recent post from Jalopnik, it's now officially official that the reborn Lancia Stratos is dead even before arrival. For those who weren't aware, around a year or so ago a German company set off to build a modern version of the famed Lancia Stratos from the early 1970s. The new car was designed by famed Italian design house Pininfarina and was based on the chassis of the also wonderful Ferrari F430.

It had beautifully customized carbon fiber body panels that did a wonderful job of bringing the iconic wedge design to the 21st century. The new Stratos was so well received not only for its styling, but also for its performance. In fact, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo took it for a test spin around a track and walked away impressed. Perhaps a little too much. Ferrari has reportedly denied the small company the opportunity to bring it to market, even on a small scale. The apparent reason Ferrari CEO Dr. Amedeo Felisa gave is that he "opposes production of other vehicles by companies that work with Ferrari."

More specifically, he feared any competition to the 458 Italia. There is a glimmer of another hope, however. The German company has also mentioned that they're talking with Renault into letting them build a modern Alpine A110 Berlinette. Still, knowing that the new Stratos won't be coming to market is a definite bummer.

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