Reborn Porsche 917 Rendering is a Sign from Above


With Porsche's upcoming return to Le Mans in 2014, it seems only fitting they'd be driving something like this.

There are plenty of artists out there who create some outstanding car renderings. One of them is Tamas Jakusa, whose previous works have included the striking Bugatti Veyron successor and the futuristic Bossco muscle car. And now the Hungarian designer is back with his latest - and we must say one of his finest - creations. His Porsche 917 is a beautiful update of the iconic original which gave the German automaker their first overall wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans back in 1970 and '71.

By taking elements of current Porsche styling (such as the 918 Spyder) and combining them with the Gulf Racing livery featured on the Le Mans racer, we suddenly found ourselves praying for Porsche to actually build the thing. And what good timing too, as Porsche is set to return to the world's oldest race car endurance race in 2014. And if any automaker design departments are reading this, just know one thing: hire this designer. Jakusa knows his automotive design history and appears to be truly passionate about his work, as any good artist always is.

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