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Recall-Madness Ends with a Merc in Your Driveway


Mercedes-Benz has lowest vehicle recall rate, study says.

With the recent recall craze claiming the honor and brand image of automakers from GM to Nissan, Porsche to Toyota, it seems like every car leaving a factory these days is destined to be called back for repairs by the automaker at some point. Whether the companies are more aware and responsible in attending to problems than they were in the past or simply getting caught with their pants down, the recall epidemic is affecting buyers across America.

But according to a recent study by iSeeCars.com, there are some companies less likely to get caught up in this madness. Mercedes-Benz had the lowest recall rate in America (0.41) followed by Mazda (0.55), Nissan (0.71) and Subaru (with 0.73). While they weren’t on the list of lowest recall rates, BMW was also commended for being the quickest to commence a recall campaign – certainly better than the record of coverups and lies displayed by GM.

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