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Recalled VW Diesels Keep Getting Stolen From Detroit Lot And Sold To Drivers

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Just when you thought Dieselgate was over, it finds a way back into our lives.

One of the funny things about this world is the way resources are transferred. Volkswagen is undoubtedly feeling the sting of losing billions after having to recall over half a million diesels that were shipped to America under fraudulent premises that they comply with the EPA's emissions standards. But one man's loss is another's gain, and as WDRB reports via Jalopnik, Volkswagen's financial crisis has proved to be a multimillion dollar gain for fraudsters.

One of the automaker's main problems after recalling so much of its inventory was figuring out what to do with all those cars. For the time being, it's been holding onto its stash until a viable fix is developed, housing thousands of recalled diesels at the former Detroit Lions stadium parking lot in Michigan. The Louisville-based news site has learned that more than 60 of the thousands of Volkswagen diesels stored on the lot have gone missing, some of which have been found in Indiana and Kentucky. Of these, 9 were found after inspectors flagged six Passats and three SUVs for having fraudulent titles. In total, 15 VW diesels were sold at auction with fake Michigan titles.

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Many of those stolen cars are tied to a dealership based in Kentucky, which claims to not have known these cars were stolen when it bought them from a Michigan-based supplier at auction. Another 12 of the missing Vee Dubs were still at the auction house and Volkswagen has sent its troops to pick them up to take them back to the stadium lot. Avoiding further trouble, Volkswagen was the one to blow the whistle on the operation after it began to find these blacklisted VIN numbers show up on their system, an act that launched a multi-state investigation so that these oil-burning VWs could be retrieved and sent back to their Detroit Lions stadium limbo.

As if Volkswagen didn't already have enough trouble, there's always the possibility that there are other TDIs that were taken from the Detroit lot—or any other Volkswagen holding house for that matter—that remain unaccounted for and on the road.