Reckless Driver Smashes his R8 into Ice-T's SL55 On Bullrun


Probably not the guy who's car you want destroy.

The Bullrun Rally has provided the car world with endless video and photos of wealthy people, in expensive cars, doing all sorts of dangerous and often idiotic things. Turns out, we have one more. Its not from this years Bullrun however, but rather from 3 years back, in 2011, near Orlando. The newly released video shows the driver of an R8 failing to check before changing lanes, and then proceeding to plow into Ice-T's SL55.

According to the author of the video, the police listed the cause of the accident as a blown out tire. Well, the whole world can now see that's not the case. It was just a matter of cocky, poor driving. In the video we get to see a few different angles, and its a pretty dramatic crash.

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The saddest part of the story is probably the poor Honda owner, who was just minding his own business. Oh, and the Lambo driver who didn't even stop to help.