Reckless Dune Buggy Driver Will Go To Jail For Viral Video


And it's all because of his buddies, too.

A few months ago the "Urban Assault" video brought the world a badass and highly modified VW Beetle buggy that tore up the streets of San Diego. While the majority of enthusiasts found the 800-hp buggy's antics to be highly enjoyable, the San Diego Police Department wasn't as thrilled. Earlier this month, Blake Wilkey, the driver in the video, was hit with 26 misdemeanor charges. In an Instagram post, Wilkey stated that it was "just a small BUMP in the road." Well the bump has gotten a lot bigger.

According to ABC's local affiliate 10News, two people who helped Wilkey film the viral video testified against him and identified him as the driver in the footage. Before you go pointing fingers towards his friends as the reason why Wilkey's going to jail, the driver did plaster his name on the side of the Buggy. Regardless of how the San Diego Police Department found out that it was Wilkey behind the wheel of the car, he has been sentenced to serve 49 days in jail, which will be followed by house arrest. Apparently, the 27-year-old Wilkey violated his parole which was from a 2014 reckless driving charge, and also pleaded guilty to four counts of reckless driving.

Willkey will only spend two weekends of his 49-day sentence in jail, while the rest of the sentence will be spent on house arrest. Willkey certainly got off lucky, as 10News reports the driver could have gotten as much as 21 months.

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