Recoil 4 Brings BJ Baldwin's Trophy Truck To Cuba To Tear Up Havana

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Nothing like showing Cuba how badly it needed Americans back than by leaving it full of tire marks.

We can already picture the disgruntled Cuban citizens angrily mentioning how the trade and tourism barrier that existed between the island nation and the US has only just lifted and already the gringos are using Havana as a Pantheon of off-road debauchery. But that's the nature of BJ Baldwin's Recoil videos, which are little else than cousins of Ken Block's Gymkhana series except without pavement and with the addition of a trophy truck to replace Focus RS' and modified Mustangs.

As the words read at the bottom of Baldwin's truck, to pull off stunts like these right by the walls of people's vacated homes, you've gotta "Just ain't care." We have to admit. we can't hate Baldwin's choice of location or vehicle. His truck, which has proven itself through various trials by fire, continues to dance over obstacles as if the shock absorbers were full of butter.

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Jumps leave the islanders with mouths agape as the cushy suspension allows the front end of the truck to kiss dirt as if it wore a shit-eating grin in place of a grille, but what most impresses us is how fluidly Baldwin's truck can conquer a bumpy course full of logs. The wheels take turns turning massive bumps into what Baldwin probably feels as pokes from marshmallows, but the true violence comes from the noise and might of the engine, as it should in any good car. Anything in our out of earshot will hear this beast romping through the city or the jungle. Consider us jealous.

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