Record-Breaking Year For Lamborghini Continues With Three New Cars

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Two new Urus trims and a new Huracan are coming.

Buried at the very bottom of a new statement on the company's 2022 Q2 financials lies the real news. "Starting in August, there will be three new product announcements this year: two regarding Urus and one Huracan." The two-to-one ratio on these new models, which Lamborghini revealed would be coming this year back in January, makes sense.

We expect one of these models to be the Huracan Sterrato, the "safari" Huracan Lambo teased last month. We have official images of the car from Lamborghini in the article linked above, so it's all but certain Lambo will debut that soon. It may even come first this month. The Urus models are a bit more of a mystery.

We have spy shots of a hybrid Urus, said to produce around 800 hp. That could be in the cards and would fit with Lambo's new greener commitments. The second Urus, however, is more of an unknown. We know the SUV will go electric at some point, but right now would be shocking. We haven't even seen more than the hybrid testing as of yet.

Lamborghini Lamborghini

According to the company's earnings report, the Urus outsells the entire lineup, just as we've seen in 2021 and in years past. Frankly, you could argue that the Urus is what's keeping Lamborghini where it is. This time around, the Urus accounted for 61% of the brand's sales this quarter. This period also marks the end of what Lambo says was its best six months ever in terms of sales, profitability, and turnover.

That means the rest of Lambo's sales (39%) went to either the Huracan or the Aventador, the latter of which will end production sometime this year. The Felicity Ace shipwreck incident prompted Lambo to restart production of that earlier this year. In total, Lamborghini delivered 5,090 units (up 4.9%) this year. That bump also translated to a rise in operating profit for Lambo.

The Sant'Agata, Italy-based brand is up 69.6%, from $255 million to $432 million USD. "We have come to the end of an exceptional first half of the year, despite ongoing uncertainty caused by the geopolitical situation. The outlook is equally positive, with orders taken already covering the whole of 2023 production," said CEO Stephan Winkelmann.

Lamborghini says its rise in profit and units moved can be attributed to a few things. Of course, the most obvious is that Lamborghini simply sold more cars. It also introduced new trims, like the Huracan Tecnica, as well as expanded its Ad Personam customization program.

Paolo Poma, CFO at Lamborghini said: "This is a very challenging time but Lamborghini is facing it successfully thanks to a clear long-term strategy, which is bolstered by the brand's great appeal. The results from the first half underline the positive trend and strengthen our conviction that we can end 2022 with a significant increase in results compared to the previous year."

America is still Lambo's number one market, with 1,521 units sold. That is followed by the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau, claiming 576 units. Germany took 468 cars all to itself, with the UK and the Middle East accounting for the rest at 440 and 282 units respectively. In all, not a bad quarter for Lambo. Still, we're more excited to see what these three new models are and what they mean to the automaker.

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