Record-Crushing 645 HP Viper ACR Tackles California's Thunderhill

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Matt Farah finally got his hands on the monster that is ACR.

The hypercar-killing Dodge Viper ACR is a veritable monster on the track, or anywhere else someone feels like unleashing the beast. The car is so damn good that it spent a year hitting up racetracks to claim lap records for itself, thirteen in total. This makes sense when you check out the car's specs, the street legal beast has adjustable Bilstein-tuned suspension, 1,763-pounds of downforce at 177 mph, and of course that massive 8.4-liter V10 that produces a whopping 645 hp and a record 600 lb-ft of torque - the highest of any atmospheric motor.

With such mean reputation, it was only a matter of time before Matt Farah gave it a go for Drive. Matt got to nail it hard at California's Thunderhill raceway.

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It's one of the shorter videos from these guys, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. The sound of that monstrous V10 powerplant is something special, and makes us sad that the Viper has been discontinued. In this ACR guise, the car is actually a racecar that has no sound deadening, features ceramic brakes and has absolutely zero in the way of driver aids. If you want to go fast in this car, you better have the required skillset, if not it will eat you up and spit you out. Even on the Khumo tires that were specially created for the ACR, the traction is all down to your right foot and how big and shiny your man bits are. This hypercar-killer is affordable too, well it was, but it's sure to become more valuable soon.

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