Recreating Gymkhana With A Reliant Robin Goes Just As You'd Expect It To

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Does Ken Block have the guts to follow up this performance?

Ever since Jeremy Clarkson famously flipped a three-wheeled Reliant Robin during an episode of Top Gear, we've been intrigued with the small automotive oddity. In fact, despite the fact that we found out the stunt was staged, we can at least give Jezza credit for putting a spotlight on a car that would otherwise remain fairly unknown to most people including the enthusiast population. Without that episode, this upcoming clip would not be any good.

In fact, given that this remake was put together using Forza 3, we could argue that the Robin would not be in the game if it wasn't for Top Gear's famous episode.

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However, not everyone cares to see Clarkson tell the world just why that car sucks, some of us actually want to see it succeed and be used to its fullest potential. Apparently, that stardom can only come by reenacting one of Ken Block's Gymkhana videos after replacing his modified Fords with a Reliant Robin. It may seem like an off choice given the car's three wheel handicap, but we actually think it's a great idea. After all, wouldn't the fact that you can't turn this car too fast without flipping be even more of an encouragement to turn using the rear tires? In either case, the end result is a combination of skill and comedy and we love the originality.

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