Red Bull Drifters In Hot Water After Damaging World Heritage Site

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There's rubber everywhere.

Red Bull is one of the coolest brands out there. The energy drink company has created some of the most spectacular commercials on the planet, including a zero-gravity pit stop. It could soon have its own roadgoing version of the Aston Martin Valkyrie too, and with backing from BMW, Red Bull now has some of the most spectacular drift cars you've ever seen. However, it seems that Red Bull has become too big for its own boots, as it has created a drifting stunt in Ukraine that it did not have approval for. In the video below, we see two Red Bull-branded drift cars, including a Nissan 350Z performing stunts in the square, resulting in what local government has claimed is damage to Kyiv's UNESCO world heritage site.
Red Bull UA/Instagram
Red Bull UA

According to reports, Red Bull had asked the city for permission to film the stunt around a statue in the city square, specifically the one in front of the St. Sophia Cathedral. This request was denied, according to Deputy Mayor Konstiantyn Usov. Screenshots and video evidence confirm that the stunt went ahead anyway, with local hop-hop star Alyona Alyona riding shotgun in one of the cars. It's bad enough that permission wasn't granted before the stunt went ahead, but it's worse still that Red Bull made no effort to close the square off from pedestrians, thus risking serious injury or worse to passersby,
Red Bull UA/Instagram

In posts shared by the rapper, it appears Red Bull later sent cleanup crews to the site in an attempt to remove the damage, but more than 21,500 square feet of traditional Kyiv yellow bricks remain severely blemished. It seems, however, that Red Bull was not acting as if it were above the law, as the deputy mayor has accused police of giving the organizers approval despite none being attained from city officials. Authorities are now calculating the cost of the damages and are working urgently to make it impossible for unauthorized vehicles to enter the square. Here's hoping that the damage can be undone.
Red Bull UA/Instagram
Konstiantyn Usov/Facebook
Source Credits: BYKVU

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