Red Bull Formula 1 Team's Trophies Stolen in Weirdest International Heist Ever

Most weren’t even the real trophies.

It has been reported that six men broke into the Red Bull F1 headquarters in Milton Keynes in the UK early Saturday morning. The group used a silver SUV to smash through the entrance, and then loaded it and a Mercedes-Benz wagon (both with foreign plates) with more than 60 trophies from a display case before escaping with nothing else at all. The police remain baffled, not only as to who these men could be, but also why anyone would do such a thing.

Even Red Bull’s Technical Director, Christian Horner, seems confused by the incident, mentioning in a press release that although the trophies are of great sentimental value to the team, they have almost no intrinsic value at all. This is all the more true because so many of the trophies are actually replicas, with the winning drivers having taken home the originals. The incident is likely to lead to less public accessibility at the facility, not to mention the continued bewilderment of anyone who has even heard of this incident.

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