Red Bull Makes Record Pit Stop

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How long does it take to take off a set of wheels and put on fresh ones? Just two seconds, as it turns out.

Last year McLaren claimed a new world record. It wasn't for wins or fastest laps or pole positions. It was for the fastest pit stop. At the 2012 German Grand Prix, the team's pit crew swapped Jenson Button's tires in a lightning-fast 2.31 seconds, setting a new record. Red Bull beat that record several times over, however, at the Malaysian Grand Prix this year. The team swapped Vettel's four tires in 2.13 seconds, but set a blisteringly fast 2.05-second record on Webber's subsequent stop.

Since F1 banned mid-race refueling, pit stops have been all about swapping tires (and damaged body panels if necessary), so the teams have been working hard at getting the spent rubber off the car and the fresh tires on as fast as they can. Watch Webber's record pit stop in the clip below.

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