Red Bull Racing Rips Through Jersey

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New Jersey gets ready for Formula One, and Formula One gets ready for New Jersey. Red Bull gets impatient and starts racing there a year early.

F1 is gearing up for a long-overdue return to the United States, with a grand prix scheduled to take place this year in Texas and another scheduled for New Jersey next year. That is, assuming the organizers can get the track ready on time. If not, it'll be pushed back to 2014. Regardless of when it takes place, Red Bull is on a mission to build some hype, and what better than to send David Coulthard and an RB7 racer to New Jersey to check out the proposed course.

Onlookers reportedly streamed out their homes to watch and hear the F1 car scream along the city streets and past the waterfront during the day, while at night the racer rocketed through the 1.5-mile Lincoln tunnel reaching speeds of up to 190 mph and producing an aural masterclass.

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