Red Bull Racing Tells its Story

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In the span of seven years, Red Bull built a lackluster F1 team into the three-time world champions and the most dominant presence in motor racing.

Red Bull did something quite unprecedented when it bought its first Formula One team in 2005. It took a backmarker team - Jaguar Racing, itself rebranded from Stewart Grand Prix - and through a boatload of money at it. It took its first podium finish in only its second year on the grid, and was winning races by 2009. The rest, as they say, is history, as the team - headed by some of the top minds driven by two of the best drivers in the sport - went on to secure three back-to-back world championships.

The broad view is quite an astonishing story, and Red Bull tells it well in this short promo documentary film. "If it stops now," notes Red Bull, "it's still a lifetime achievement". We get the distinct feeling that Red Bull Racing is just getting started.

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