Red Bull Revives The Sandman as a Screaming Superwagon with Surfboards on the Roof

An obscure wagon from the 70s becomes an obscure beast of a wagon in 2014.

You've probably never heard of the Sandman. That's fine, it would be kind of odd if you had. It was an Australian station wagon targeted at surfers in the 1970s, and although it was loved, few outside of Oz in 2014 would have reason to know it. Well, Red Bull's V8 SuperCar team in Australia was building a test mule for some new race technology, and decided they might as well have fun with it and make a modernized Sandman.

The car actually started with the same kind of sedan body as the rest of the V8 SuperCar rides, but was converted into a wagon. The result is pretty entertaining to watch.

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