Red Bull's 'Armored' Vehicle Will Keep You Safe While You Party

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Nothing can stop this monstrous car.

Red Bull has plastered its logo on the side of a lot of machines, but the latest vehicle to get its logo may just be the craziest. The massive truck started out as a Land Rover Defender 130 but has been given a complete overhaul for more off-roading capability and heavy-duty use. Red Bull hasn't released all of the specifications on the vehicle but those should be coming out shortly. The "armored moon vehicle" was pre-constructed in Australia and features a host of inter-locking triangular pieces to resemble the infamous F-117 fighter aircraft.

Needless to say, this vehicle looks like it can do anything Red Bull enthusiasts can dream of. Just like the last promotional vehicle, the armored car is finished in a matte black paint job and has an entertainment system that sits on top of the vehicle's roof. With this vehicle, you'd be able to take the party anywhere, including the middle of an all-out riot. It goes without saying, but we really like this vehicle.

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