Red Bull's Kluge Brings in the Talent


What do all these competitors have in common? They're all hugely talented, sponsored by Red Bull, and have banded together for something rather useless but thoroughly entertaining.

Named for the cartoonist and engineer who invented the milieu, Rube Goldberg machines are designed to perform simple tasks in complex ways. Once built, human intervention is typically required only to start a chain reaction that lets the intricate machine do what it's meant to do. Red Bull, however, is all about people: the people who make its energy drinks, the people who distribute and sell said energy drinks, but most especially, the people who promote them through the various skills they practice and which Red Bull sponsors.

All manner of athletes benefit from Red Bull sponsorship, but our favorites are the world-famous, world-champion racing drivers which the drink company supports: names like Sebastian Vettel (F1), Sebastien Loeb (rally), Rhys Millen (rally-cross and drift) and Bryce Menzies (off-road trucks).

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The multiple-champion Sebs were apparently unavailable to participate in this particular experiment, but Millen and Menzies were, bringing their Hyundai Genesis and Ram Truck racers to participate alongside skydivers and runners, skateboarders and snowboarders, motocross and BMX riders and even a golfer in the talent-intensive Rube Golberg machine. Red Bull calls it the Kluge, "a witty, yet inelegant solution that succeeds in performing a particular task". We don't really care what it's called, or what the point is. All we know is that it's fun to watch, so check it out.