Red Bull

Red Bull's Latest Crazy Stunt Pits A Team Of Rugby Players Against An F1 Car

And of course Daniel Ricciardo is smiling.

Red Bull Racing has once again decided to up the ante in terms of viral video badassery. This video features a championship-winning V8 Red Bull Renault F1 car and F1 smile champion Daniel Ricciardo. Red Bull has put its F1 cars through the wringer. Apart from winning four back-to-back championships they've battled ice, mountains, fighter jets, and now the Bath Rugby Club. The RBR F1 car sets up in a scrum against 831 kg (1,832 lbs) of burly man power and the battle begins.

With a power-to-weight ratio of 1,000 horsepower-per-ton it shouldn't be too hard. The video is beautifully shot and has some great footage of the players training. What we really need to know now is can a F1 car beat the Denver Broncos defense?

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