Red Bull Secures Royal Flush At Las Vegas Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez is officially second in the championship.

The first modern Las Vegas Grand Prix is done and dusted, and the most surprising thing of all is that it wasn't a complete shambles. We'll do a full feature on the good, the bad, and the downright ugly in due course, but we'll provide the race results for now.

Max Verstappen once again claimed the victory, followed by Charles Leclerc, who pulled an epic overtake on Sergio Perez during the 50th and final lap. It was glorious to behold, and hearing the crowds cheer for Leclerc was deafening. For some reason, Vegas is Ferrari country. It must be the abundance of scarlet machines roaming the streets.

Even though Checo dropped to third in the race, he did enough to beat Sir Lewis Hamilton to second place in the Drivers' Championship.

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Red Bull now has a royal flush, taking the Constructors' Championship and Drivers' Championship, and second place in the Drivers' Championship, too. It doesn't get more dominant than that. The team locked everyone out by a significant margin, and well done to them. We keep seeing comments that the cars should be more equal, but if that's your thing, watch some spec racing. Formula 1 is the pinnacle because the drivers, cars, and teams must all operate at 100% to secure the big W.

We hope everyone at the Red Bull campus in Milton Keynes is getting a new Ford Mustang GT, but that would likely put Red Bull over the cost cap again. (Everyone's finances were in order this year.) But, in all seriousness, there is no asterisk behind Red Bull and Max Verstappen's name this year. It was a sublime season from start to finish, and we still have one race to go.

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Sir Lewis Hamilton secured third place in the overall championship, as it's mathematically impossible for anyone below third to catch him with only one race left. All three podium slots in the overall drivers' championship are locked up, but second and third in the constructors' championship are still up for grabs.

Considering the difference between second and third is worth millions, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari will fight extremely hard in Abu Dhabi. Mercedes is in the lead with 392 points, and Ferrari is just four points behind. The Italian team appears in good shape, with both cars finishing ahead of the Merc duo. Sainz did his best, even though the streets of Las Vegas did their best to remove him.

If they bring the same sort of performance to the desert in two weeks, they'll demote Mercedes from second to third, which will be a massive knock to the team that won eight constructors' titles on the trot.

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