Red Bull Takes 900HP Race Truck to the Slopes

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Who said Baja trucks can't handle the snow? Not Ricky Johnson and his Red Bull-sponsored Ram racing truck.

We've had a number of videos of sportscars driving in the snow lately, but before we wrap it up, we've got one more video for you. This one comes from Red Bull, but it's not from its world-champion F1 team. The clip was shot at a ski resort in southern Vermont, where a 900-horsepower Ram Pro-4 racing truck speeds up and down the slopes. Part of the Red Bull Frozen Rush event, the truck was piloted by off-road champion Ricky Johnson.

The stunt took advantage of record snowfalls in the northeast, and will probably mark the first and last time a racing truck will run the slopes of Mount Snow. Most drivers, after all, leave their Subarus in the parking lot.

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