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Red Bull X2014 is Sheer Madness Even for GT6

Theoretically fastest car ever built would be impossible to drive in real life. Good luck piloting it on GT6.

Unveiled at Sony’s launch party of Gran Turismo 6, this utterly insane creation is the handiwork of Red Bull’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey. The man behind Sebastian Vettel’s four back-to-back F1 championships has envisioned the fastest car on four wheels and come up with Red Bull’s latest Gran Turismo concept, dubbed the X2014. Details of the car have yet to emerge, but if previous efforts are indicative of its potential, expect a sub three-minute lap time of the Nurburgring, over 1,500 hp and a top speed approaching 300 mph.

Gamers take note, there will be three versions available for GT6: the Fan car, Standard car, and Junior car. The “Fan” refers to the spinning thing at the back of the car and not admirers of the game. It’s designed to create masses of downforce, sucking the car to the tarmac. More info is expected of the X2014. In the meantime, just admire it. The thing is just nuts.

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