Reddit User Builds Honda Civic Type R Markup Hitlist

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One user is fed up with dealer markups, so they made a list.

One Reddit user, apparently fed up with Civic Type R markups, has made a spreadsheet of all the worst offenders. Before we get into this, we should also acknowledge that the below spreadsheet is from one user on one internet forum claiming a massive number of Honda dealers gave them these numbers. So, take these figures with a grain of salt.

As soon as the Type R debuted, we knew that dealers were going to mark up the Type R. The last Honda Civic Type R suffered from the same rash of markups, and on top of that, this isn't even the first time someone has done something like this.

u/oObunniesOo via Reddit u/oObunniesOo via Reddit u/oObunniesOo via Reddit u/oObunniesOo via Reddit

Toyota owners did the same thing in March of this year, making a list of offending dealers and publishing them online. The account, u/oObunniesOo, has done the same. Frankly, some of these are almost too absurd to believe. Not one, but six Honda dealers are allegedly selling the Type R with a massive $25,000 markup.

One dealer, Stevens Creek Honda, has given an out-the-door price of $79,000 for a car with an MSRP of $44,385. As of publishing, Stevens Creek Honda is closed, but we will reach out for comment when they open in an attempt to verify pricing.

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Moreover, some dealers have allegedly taken even more sketchy paths. Spreen Honda Loma Linda has a claimed $20,000 markup on their Type Rs but "won't discuss prices over the phone," per the spreadsheet.

This account claims to belong to the wife of someone on the hunt for a new Type R, so again, take these figures with a grain of salt until we can confirm at least one of these.

The cheapest markup on the list is a "mere" $5,000, still a hefty markup on a $40,000 vehicle. Until supply chains further stabilize and the auto market cools, we expect stories like this to stay the norm.

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Source Credits: u/oObunniesOo via Reddit

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