Redesigned Toyota MR2 Looks Superb

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Make it happen Toyota.

The motoring world is experiencing a renaissance the likes of which has never been seen before, with manufacturers from across the globe reviving lost names, and reinventing classic models. Cars such as the Toyota Supra have been reincarnated as a supremely capable modern sports car, and there are even whispers that the Honda S2000 could see a rebirth, but what about more humble sports cars such as the Toyota MR2? Back in 2018, Carbuzz reported that a Toyota official at the company showed interest in bringing back either the MR2 or Celica sports cars. Fast forward to 2020 and the news doesn't look good, with Toyota's vice president of Europe, Matt Harrison saying that a new MR2 "is not a priority." Luckily YouTube design legend Sketch Monkey has taken it upon himself to redesign this 90s classic, and the results are impressive.

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The third-generation MR2 pictured in the video was introduced to the US market as the MR2 Spyder in 1999 and was sold up until 2007. This car offered impressive driving dynamics thanks to its unique mid-engine layout, but never enjoyed the same success as the Mazda Miata MX-5. The Sketch Monkey starts his design process with a silver example and immediately starts playing with the front and side profile of the car, and makes comparisons to the J29 Supra and Miata. "I want to incorporate some lines into the hood to resemble those on the current Supra, and to bring the car in line with the rest of the current Toyota family," says the Sketch Monkey.

Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota

As the design evolves, we start to see the front end take on a rounder, more flowing shape, and the side of the car also gets a more aggressive fender intake, resembling those found on the Porsche Boxster. Eventually, the Supra-style headlights are added, which gives the car a completely different look. A front splitter is also added for a more aggressive appearance. Unfortunately, we don't get to see a redesign of the rear end, but the end result is still breathtaking. Now it's up to Toyota to get its act together and raise the MR2 out of the ashes.

Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota

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