Redhead Rides in M3 Drifter

Drift car? Check. Pretty girl? Double check. Brassierre? Um, nope.

There are certain things of which you can just never have too much. Like money, good looks, or something else we can’t even mention here (but it starts with an S and ends with an X). Beautiful, well-endowed women filmed riding shotgun in drift cars is definitely one of those things. If your taste in cars, women or apparel invariably veer towards red (like this writer’s does), you’re gonna like this latest clip. It's an especially welcome break from the barrage of new supercars and concepts debuting in Geneva.

From the land of beauties that is Sweden comes this Testa Rossa (the girl, not the Ferrari) named Lauren, hitching a ride in an E30-gen BMW M3 drift car and, well… how should we put this? Not a lot of support. Call us, Lauren. Please.

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