Refreshed Ghost Series II Coming to Geneva

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Shortened lifecycle means we'll be seeing new Rolls models more often.

The word 'facelift' wouldn't do when describing a Rolls Royce. The manufacturer's Ghost, which has been on the market for four years, will be refreshed and given a new Series II model - an opportunity for the brand to "showcase its most recent technological advances and enrobe them in a considered exterior revision". While the Phantom was on the market for almost nine years before receiving its own Series II in 2012, the current Ghost has only been around for four.

This means that Rolls Royce is moving to a shorter lifecycle of just four years for its models. With additional competition from luxury automakers and four-door entries from traditional exotic and sports car makers, Rolls is under pressure to keep up with the market and put out newer and more exciting models more frequently. Details are still limited on the Ghost Series II, but we expect some additional information before its official reveal at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

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