Refreshed Unimog Lineup Unveiled

The go-anywhere, mud-loving Unimog has been given some styling and powertrain updates for 2014.

We've always been fans of the legendary Unimog and we'd hate to see it discontinued. Fortunately that's not happening today or anytime soon as Mercedes-Benz has been given it a few styling and naming-scheme updates along with new entry-level models and a fresh pair of turbodiesel engines. The 2014 Unimog takes on some styling cues from the somewhat radical 2011 Unimog Design Concept but in a more toned-down fashion that's not too over-the-top.

Examples include a more sculpted grille, twin LED daytime headlights on the front bumper and roof-mounted windshield wipers. The cabin has been updated with a new steering wheel, improved sound-deadening materials, a revised HVAC system and controls, and an overall more contemporary layout. In regards to the updated naming scheme, the German automaker basically assigned the formula of the first number representing the vehicle’s size in the Unimog lineup while the second two digits represent the power output. Sounds simple enough. Powertrain-wise, Daimler has added two new engines that meet Euro 6 emission standards.

These include new four- and six-cylinder turbodiesel engines that range from 156 hp to 354 hp that are mated to a semi-automatic gearbox with eight forward speeds and six reverse gears. Four-wheel drive is of course standard. All told, there are a total of 10 new Unimog models for 2014, but as usual, none of them will be available in the US.

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