Reiter Engineering Unveils Lamborghini Gallardo FL2 GT3 Extenso Racer

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Just ten of these Gallardo racers are slated for production.

The Huracan may have replaced the Gallardo, but as the GT3 variant's official partner, Reiter Engineering still has a job to do in keeping the race car fighting fit. Dubbed the Lamborghini FL2 GT3 Extenso R-EX, the tuner's extensive facelift includes a significant widening of the rear end thanks to new carbon-fiber rear quarter panels, and new wishbones that widens the rear axle track width by 13 to 205 cm.

New front and rear lights give the racer a more aggressive look, while race camshafts and new Mahle pistons combine to help improve the torque curve and reduce fuel consumption. The FL2 also gets a new soundtrack, although Reiter failed to detail how this has been achieved. Having built over 100 Gallardo GT3s, with over 200 race wins and 400 podiums between them, Reiter didn't have to make too many changes to what is clearly a winning formula. Ten Extenso Gallardos will be built at 248,000 Euros a pop, available in carbon black or titanium gray.

Reiter Engineering
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