Reiter Updates Lamborghini Gallardo LP600+ GT3 for 2012


Race-spec Gallardo has been given a fresh overhaul as it aims to tackle long distance events.

2011 was a roaring success for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP600+ GT3 taking titles in the ADAC GT Masters, Brazil GT3, Asia GT3 and Spanish GT Championship. Hans Reiter of Reiter Engineering, who developed the car, said: "Our customers and ourselves proved already, that the Gallardo is a safe and fast car in sprint format races. Now we want to be successful at long distance races too. Our aim is, to have a reliable 24-hour race car, which is able to win."

The new gearbox and aerodynamic parts are ready. The 2012 Holinger gearbox is lighter and with less parts, a more direct and precise shifting process is possible; while a bigger spliter and double dive plates at the front allows for more down force. Suspension brackets, spring pairings and a performance brake kit are still in the development and testing stage. Due to a higher static roll stiffness the car offers more mechanical grip, which allows for softer heave springs. The car's handling over the curbs can thus be improved. A different camber variation will also be implemented offering better use of the tire during acceleration and braking.

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As a result tires will last longer during a race leading to better balance and improved track times. An AP Racing brake system is also under development; new six-piston calipers and reworked brake cooling aims to improve braking performance in long distance races. Reiter Engineering will test the car in January and February at the 24-hour race in Dubai and the 12-hour race in Abu Dhabi. The same 600+hp 5.2-liter V10 used last year will power the 2012 model, but a bump in the 288,500 Euro price tag can be expected.