Rejoice! McLaren Plans For An SUV-Free Future

But you should expect a lot more confusing alphanumeric nomenclature.

McLaren might be more of a volume seller of street cars these days than ever before in the company's existence, but it seems the British automaker hasn't gotten so big that SUVs are required to facilitate further growth. The company's chief, Mike Flewitt, has stated that the company simply doesn't need an SUV, thanks in part to careful growth. This has included not becoming overly reliant on any particular market, with a very even distribution of sales across several regions.

This means that, although North America is the biggest market, McLaren still only sells 35 percent of its cars here. There is also quite a bit of sharing of technology between cars, which helps to keep development costs down. Lastly, Flewitt said that there will continue to be very frequent updates to the model lineup, as supercar buyers tend to be reluctant to spend money on cars that aren't brand new. So it will be things like these which we can look for in the future from McLaren, but not an SUV. And that's fine by us.

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