Rejuvenated Italian Automaker Bizzarrini Announces Comeback Car

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The Italian company has a brief but colorful racing history.

It may not have the pedigree of Ferrari and Lamborghini, but the recently revived sports car manufacturer Bizzarrini does still hail from Italy, the home of some of the world's most emotive cars. When it was announced late last year that former Aston Martin execs would help Bizzarrini rediscover some of the magic of the 1960s, we knew that something special was on the horizon, but we didn't know what that something was.

Launching its new Revival Series, Bizzarrini will revive its 5300 GT sports car with 24 hand-built examples known as the 5300 GT Revival Corsa. The original 5300 GT was conceived in the mid-1960s as a high-performance sports car with a powerful Chevy V8 engine.


It was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and, at the 1965 Le Mans event, a 5300 GT with chassis #0222 took home the win for the over 5.0-liter class, with an overall result of ninth. It's this magic that Bizzarrini aims to recapture with the 5300 GT Revival Corsa continuation car.

Like the original, the new car will feature a lightweight composite body. Together with a light tubular steel frame, it will receive a race-grade roll bar and Bizzarrini says it can be designed to adhere to FIA requirements. A period-specific 5300 cubic inch V8 boasting Weber 45 DCOE carburettors will be used, with maximum power expected to be somewhere between 400 and 480 horsepower.


Compared to modern Italian sports cars like the Ferrari F8 Tributo with its 710 hp, the 5300 GT Revival Corsa can't compete. Then again, this instant collector's car was never meant to match current exotics but considering that it weighs just 2,150 pounds, it has a promising power-to-weight ratio. The extremely low body of the original 5300 should be on full display in the new Revival Corsa.

While the Revival Corsa marks Bizzarrini's comeback, it won't stop there. Without divulging any specifics, the company hinted at the arrival of a "unique contemporary machine" with an "iconic" internal combustion engine. Founder Giotto Bizzarrini knows all about iconic powerplants, having worked at Ferrari and also responsible for some of the best V12 engines ever made. Now 94 years of age, he can only look on proudly as his company enters a brand new era.

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