Relive Ken Block's Tire-Shredding Tour Of London In Extended Top Gear Video


Watch Matt LeBlanc get the ride of his life with Ken Block in a souped-up Mustang.

This year’s Chris Evans-fronted Top Gear reboot received a mixed reception, to say the least. However, despite failing to rekindle the magic of the previous era of the series, it still had a few standout moments worth watching - namely those without Chris Evans. Arguably one of the best films to come out of this year’s series was Ken Block’s tire-shredding tour of London in a souped-up Mustang with Matt LeBlanc as his awe-struck passenger. Even when being spun around by Ken Block, LeBlanc still retains his cool and calm persona.

You can now relive the memorable sequence on YouTube in a new extended video featuring scenes that didn’t make the original cut. In truth, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before in Ken Block’s popular Gymkhana videos, but it’s still fun to see him engulf London’s landmarks with copious clouds of tire smoke.

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What the extended clip doesn’t show, however, are the shots that caused a spot of controversy behind the scenes, in which Block performed doughnuts around some famous London war memorials which was considered disrespectful, so you can’t really call it a true directors cut. LeBlanc proved to be a firm favorite of the series, which is why he will be the main host in the next series when Top Gear returns next year. It will be interesting to see how the show fares against rival car show The Grand Tour, which still has eight episodes remaining in its current series.