Relive Lapping Le Mans at Night with a Corvette Racing ZR1

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Awesome in-car footage taken from Jordan Taylor's helmet cam as he motors around the Circuit de la Sarthe in pitch blackness.

As nighttime falls during the 24 Hours of Le Mans, levels of concentration and endurance needed to lap the circuit in near darkness rises exponentially. Drivers are forced to follow the track from memory, their near-zero visibility punctuated only by camera flashes and the persistent flashing from the Audis and other faster cars as they whizz pass momentarily blinding them, which at such high speeds can make all the difference in manipulating the next corner successfully or not.

It's the roar of the engine and pit crew chief screaming snippets of encouragement through the radio that keeps drivers alert as they climb the hills through the chicanes or rip down the Mulsanne straight in total darkness.

To get an idea of what goes on when piloting a GT2 car at night, check out this helmet cam footage from Jordan Taylor in the #73 Corvette Racing ZR1, taken during a practice lap of the Circuit de la Sarthe. This could be the most surreal 4 minutes and 21 seconds of your day.

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