Relive The Naturally Aspirated Glory Days With A Spin In The C63 AMG Black

Track Car

Watch that throttle because a "spin" could easily turn into an actual spin thank's to the Black Series' homicidal tendencies.

It’s hard not to be smitten by the new Mercedes-AMG C63, but it’s missing one notable favorite that constituted the old C63 AMG lineup: the Black Series. Any sane owner with that car knew that black is the only color to go with, and those worried that the dark color scheme would allow left lane lingerers to hoard the passing space because the driver in front can’t spot brash colors glimmering in the mirrors should turn up the volume.

Or don’t, because a naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8 that pumps 510 horsepower to the rear wheels is as loud as can be no matter how you cut it. Especially in the Black Series. Mercedes notoriously built this thing for the sort of driver that orders the spiciest meal on the menu to prove a point.

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Appeasing them isn't hard, all it takes is a slathering of horsepower and no turbocharger to muck up the soundtrack. Life was simpler during those glory days. To get a little refresher on how good the past was (which Mercedes could bring into the present if it wanted to), Carfection’s Alex Goy gets into the ring for the Three Laps series where he uses a very limited grip budget to fights for his life. Don’t let that massive rear wing fool you because saying that the aerodynamic add-on quells oversteer is like saying that a spray bottle can put out a camp fire. We’re sure it has some effect, but the results are that are lost on the driver as soon as their right foot coaxes so much as a shy 457 lb-ft sneeze from the engine.