Remember Fisker? It's Coming Back in 2015

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Supposedly for real this time.

Anyone remember Fisker? Of course you do. It's the automaker that built the luxury gas-electric hybrid Karma sedan for a short time until shit hit the fan several times over. We'll spare you all the details but, long story short, Fisker has a new Chinese owner who's anxious to get the ball rolling. Only this time it wants to not only build the Karma, but also the two other models that never made production, the Surf and the Atlantic.


The former is simply a wagon-like version of the Karma while the Atlantic is a smaller sedan that would serve as a so-called entry-level model for the brand. Wanxiang, the China-based auto-parts company that now owns Fisker, is reportedly finalizing a plan to restart Karma production in 2015. What's still unknown is where exactly production will take place and where the company's new headquarters will be. At the same time, Wanxiang is searching for a new Fisker CEO and other vital staff. If all goes to plan (and it rarely does) Surf production will begin in 2016 and the Atlantic could come as early as 2017. We'll believe it when we see it.

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