Remember How Awesome The McLaren 12C Was? Here's Two Of Them Spitting Flames


Nothing like a flame-shooting exhaust to make you remember a car.

McLaren is on a production tear, with a goal to build 15 new cars by 2022. All those new models mean that, naturally, older ones will be soon consigned to the history books. One model that is already starting to gather dust in the minds of gearheads is the 12C. The 12C went out of production back in 2014, being replaced by the equally awesome 650S. Still, the car hasn't been gone for all that long and in our opinion it shouldn't be forgotten, especially when its capable of spitting some nasty flames.

The two 12Cs in this video temporarily shut down a tunnel to spit fire and demo launch control. It's an awesome show and one that proves that the car may have some staying power in the hearts and minds of enthusiasts, especially if prices on the resale market continue to fall.

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