Remember My Name: The Pontiac Aztek Rises Again Because Heisenberg

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Stay out of my territory.

It may have been one of the ugliest cars of the 1990s and the butt of countless jokes, but the Pontiac Aztek is currently experiencing something of a renaissance. No, really, it is, and it's all thanks to a certain iconic TV series and its lead character. According to an analysis done by Edmunds and first reported on by Automotive News, there's been an increased demand for Azteks by Millennials in the used car market due its popularity as Walter White's ride in "Breaking Bad."

The data is claiming that the Aztek "had the sixth-highest share of millennial buyers of any car this year through June and has been among the 10 vehicles with the highest millennial share in four of the last five years." Go figure. So call it ugly. Heck, even call it quirky. But just never forget its name. What we're not counting on seeing, however, is a sudden surge in demand for used (and rusted) 1986 Toyota Tercel wagons.

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