Remember That $82,000 Fake Bugatti Veyron? Some Sucker Just Bought It


But not for $82 grand.

Early last month we came across yet another fake Bugatti Veyron up for sale online. Why anyone would invest money in a fake Veyron remains something of a mystery but, hey, to each their own. Anyway, this particular fake Veyron was based off a 2001 Mercury Cougar. To hide its true identity, it was given a fiberglass body and a new but still totally fake interior. A 3.0-liter V6 sourced from a Mercury Sable lies under the (front) hood, while a W16 engine cover pretends to have significance out back. The price tag for this nonsense?

$82,000. We wouldn’t even consider paying anywhere near that. Heck, we didn’t give a shred of thought of buying it all. But someone did, and they just paid $59,900 for it on eBay. The mind reels. The seller’s ad states that "You will never get attention like this ever!!! Be prepared to turns heads wherever you go in this baby." Well, have fun doing that, Mr. New Owner. You’re now out nearly $60k for a plastic-bodied fake Veyron sitting on a front-wheel-drive, 15-year-old chassis. Photos courtesy of thehotelmalls/eBay.

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