Remember That G-Power BMW M4 GTS? Here It Is In Action


Just the other day we caught wind of the latest release from German tuning house, G-Power. Now you can see it move.

You've got to love how a manufacturer offers up a special limited edition version of one of it's most popular sports cars that's claimed to be as good as it can possibly get, only for an aftermarket tuner to take a look at the car and proclaim: "That's impressive, but we can do better." Well, that's exactly what happened to the limited edition BMW M4 GTS, a stunning car that German tuner G-Power claims to have made even better. It's still a streetable track car, but it covers ground a lot faster now.

A limited production run of 700 units worldwide means tuned ones will be few and far between. If we had one and saw a modded one, we'd want more power too.

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After adding forged, lightweight21-inch wheels, G-Power gave the turbos on GTS new turbines and housings beforeadding a full free-flow exhaust system minus the kitties (replacing an already awesome-sounding OEM exhaust) and then a custom tuneon the ECU. This fiddling takes the M4 GTS power up to 615 horsepower from the stock500 hp and the torque jumps to 560 lb-ft; up from 442 lb-ft. Thisresults in a 0-60 mph dash of just 3.6 seconds with things only fizzling out at 200mph. We like.