Remember That Supposed New BMW Supercar? Yeah, About That...

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A final answer appears to have arrived.

This has been one of those on-again, off-again rumors and today, well, it's off-again. Here's the backstory: For the past year or so, BMW was rumored to be working on a new supercar, call it a spiritual successor to the M1, for its upcoming 100th anniversary. There were all sorts of rumors, including a supposed collaboration with McLaren. Turns out they were all complete bullshit. According to a new report coming from German publication Auto, Motor, und Sport, BMW development chief Klaus Frohlich has, once again, shattered our hopes.


The following quote from Herr Frohlich has been translated, thanks to Google: "Some decisions have already been taken: to the 100th anniversary is not a supercar. A super sports car, with traditional heavy V8 or V10 engine, it will not give of BMW." According to BMW boss Harald Kruger the development goal is an electrified supercar that should not "be rapidly becoming obsolete." Translation: A V8/V10 supercar is a no-go because of weight and emissions, and electric technology isn't where it needs to be for a proper supercar. We know the BMW-Toyota Z4 replacement/Supra successor project is proceeding. But if you really want a special BMW sports car, then all you have to do is buy an i8.

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