Remember Those Guys Who Hacked A Jeep? They Now Work For Uber

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Hacking can pay off in a legal sense.

Earlier this summer, two web security researchers, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, had their moment in the spotlight after successfully hacking a Jeep. That resulted in Fiat Chrysler issuing a recall for 1.4 million vehicles, which wasn't at all embarrassing. What's more, every automaker in the world became fully aware of just how vulnerable their vehicles are to hacking. While the problem continues to be worked on, Miller and Valasek seem to be doing just fine.

They've just been hired by Uber to join its Advanced Technology Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. What does a car hailing service need hackers for? They really, really don't want its data network – along with its expected future fleet of antonymous vehicles – to be susceptible to dickhead hackers. The two will work directly with Uber's chief security officer, Joe Sullivan, and chief information security officer, John Flynn, in order to continue "building out a world-class safety and security program at Uber."

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