Remembering the Guldstrand GS90

In the mid-90s, GM was considering axing the Corvette. Dick Guldstrand wouldn't have any of it, and built the GS90 to drum up excitement.

Dick Guldstrand has been hot-rodding Corvettes since he was a teenager. Known as Mr. Corvette, Guldstrand made a name for himself both building competition-spec Vettes and racing them in series around the world. Arguably one of his most enduring creations came just a few years before his induction into the Corvette Hall of Fame in Bowling Green, Kentucky. That was the GS90, a fresh take on the Corvette ZR-1, which made the cover of just about every car magazine in the country upon its launch in 1994.

And with good reason: the Guldstrand Corvette GS90 was better in just about every way than the ZR-1 on which it was based. Only the glass was retained, with the rest of the bodywork replaced and the suspension and rolling stock upgraded. Take a quick ride down memory lane with Electric Federal.

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