Removing The Ford Bronco's Hardtop Roof Is A Two-Man Job

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And it's easier if roof racks aren't installed.

Ford left no stone unturned when the all-new Bronco was unveiled, equipping its rugged off-roader with all the gear required of those with active lifestyles. Crucially, Ford also ensured that one of the Jeep Wrangler's major selling points - its removable roof and doors - would be available on the Bronco. In fact, Ford engineered a roof that is far easier to remove than the Jeep's, allowing for the ultimate stargazing experience.

But how easy is it to actually remove the Bronco's roof in reality? Well, The Bronco Nation has come to the rescue with a short instructional video of the process, which looks pretty foolproof. For their illustration, the video features the two-door Bronco in Badlands trim with the hardtop roof.

The Bronco Nation The Bronco Nation The Bronco Nation

The roof features removable panels above the SUV's front row, and the process begins by loosening various L-shaped latches to loosen these panels. Even if a roof rack is fitted, as on this example, the two panels over the front row are simple to remove and can fit into the trunk quite easily. This initial part of the process is a one-man job and is akin to having a large sunroof open.

Before the rear section of the roof can be removed, the roof rack must be detached by unscrewing several fasteners. Using the Bronco key, the rear roof rack fasteners have covers that can be flipped open using the SUV's key.

The Bronco Nation The Bronco Nation The Bronco Nation

The rear part of the roof can be removed by unplugging both the washer hose and wiring harness, before loosening screws on each side. Removing the roof rack and the rear roof will require the assistance of another person, as both parts are wide and long.

Although the video is a mere three or so minutes in length, the actual process is likely to take a little longer in reality, but nothing about it appears overly complex. If you intend to take the roof off often, perhaps consider ditching the roof rack to speed up the process. It remains to be seen if the longer Bronco four-door's roof can be removed as easily.

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