Renault 4 Reborn As Compact Electric SUV Concept

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The Renault 4Ever Trophy gains inspiration from a Gallic icon.

Over the years, France's Renault has introduced some iconic motorcars. The delightful 5 comes to mind, and so does the Clio V6. But both pale in comparison to the Renault 4, of which eight million were made during its 33-year-long production run. Now the automaker is paying tribute to the little icon with the new 4Ever Trophy, an electric concept off-roader inspired by the original.

In terms of style, the 4Ever Trophy borrows heavily from its spiritual predecessor. The angular styling has been modernized, but the blunt front fascia - replete with circular headlights - has been carried over. Elsewhere, the quirky slanted rear end has also been utilized, along with the signature trapezoidal side windows above the rear wheels. From the rear, there's a resemblance to the Mini Cooper Countryman.

Renault Renault Renault Renault

While the 4Ever Trophy looks to the past, it still has one eye on the future. As such, it's a compact electric SUV. And while those are most at home on the school run, Renault has other ideas with the 4Ever Trophy. It looks to be a serious off-roader. The chunky 255/55 tires are wrapped around decidedly quirky wheels, with a spare found on the carbon fiber roof. You'll also note the shovel and waffle boards.

Impressively, there are 7.87 inches of clearance around the wheel arches, which should come in handy when traversing rutted tracks. The underbelly of the vehicle has also been strengthened and reinforced, affording the battery greater protection. Renault has not shared any details regarding range or performance, but notes the show car utilizes a full-electric, wound rotor powertrain.

Renault Renault Renault Renault

"To bring 4Ever Trophy into the modern era, we have infused its streamlined shape with technological sophistication. All these ingredients have been carefully crafted so that the design resonates with those who are familiar with the 4L and its illustrious history, and with younger generations," explained VP of design, Gilles Vidal.

Sadly, it doesn't seem like the 4Ever Trophy is destined for production - in this guise, at least. However, a road-going version based on this will concept will eventually hit the road. Like the Renault 5, the 4 will make a return in the brand's electric future and serve the same roles as the ICE-powered Clio hatchback and Captur crossover.

The latter will utilize the CMF-BEV platform with production taking place at the firm's ElectriCity hub in northern France.

Renault Renault Renault Renault

Both the 5 Prototype and the 4Ever Trophy are currently on display at the 2022 Paris Motor Show. This isn't the only impressive concept Renault has unveiled in recent weeks. Not too long ago, the automaker lifted the lid on the Renault 5 Turbo 3E, a stunning homage to the original hot hatch. The electric performer may borrow styling cues from the past, but it's thoroughly modern.

The Boulogne-Billancourt-based brand isn't the only French company to unveil impressive concepts for the future. Rival brand Citroen recently previewed what it thinks will be the future of motoring; a spartan electric pickup truck-cum-SUV called the Oli. One thing is for certain, even as the French pivot to electromobility, its roads will be littered with interesting and visually appealing cars.

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