Renault Alpine Has Officially Begun Testing

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Underneath this Lotus Exige body is the chassis of the new Renault Alpine, due to arrive sometime in 2015.

What you see before you right now is not a Lotus Exige. Yes, it may have the body of one but underneath is a different car entirely. That car is the new Renault Alpine, or more specifically its chassis. Details are still scarce about what the eventual production car will be like, but sources have so far hinted that it'll be a direct competitor to the likes of the Porsche Cayman/Boxster. What will make the Alpine unique, however, is that it will have a decidedly French character, instead of trying to replicate something German or even Italian.


Renault has said the finished product is "not a car for dandies." Expect output to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 horsepower, but it won't be a track focused performance car. Think something a bit more in line with the Mazda MX-5. Also don't forget the Alpine project is being done in coordination with Caterham, who will have a new sports car of its own from the partnership. Expect to see both the new Alpine and Caterham arrive sometime in 2015.

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